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Are you ambitious, eager, willing to learn and not afraid to work for your goals? Then we have the perfect job opportunity for you! What started in 2012, quickly grew to the largest life sciences recruitment agency in Europe. As we keep on growing and expanding our markets, we are hiring talented, dedicated young professionals to join our enthusiastic team. Our headquarters is located in the city center of Amsterdam. We work hard, innovate and celebrate our successes. We maintain an open and transparent culture, and while our work atmosphere might be informal, we keep a professional sense in the office.


Ambitious Training Program


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SIRE Life Sciences® has developed a broad Traineeship program to provide our employees with the skills a Recruitment Strategist© needs to execute the job successfully. The Traineeship involves a 3 month intensive training period, followed by a 4 month program. The first 3 months our Training, Learning & Development Specialist will give you group training and one-on-one, on-the-desk training. The next 4 months will focus on follow up and extensive more in depth training. This to make sure you receive all training you need to become a successful Recruitment Strategist© and develop on both a personal and professional level.


Award winning

SIRE Life Sciences® has received over 30 awards and nominations including the Best Place to Work Award, the MKB Innovation Top 250 Award, the FD Gazellen Award and the High Growth Award.

  • Top250 Groeibedrijven Award 2018
  • CV-Magazine Award
  • Computable Award
  • Best-Workplace Award
  • Top250 Groeibedrijven Award
  • FD Gazellen Award
  • Global Recruiter Award
  • MKB Innovatie Top 100 Award
  • High Growth Award
  • Unicorn Award
  • Beste Ondernemersteams Award
  • Enterprise Award
  • Enterprise Award

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

A complete list with questions and answers. Can't find what you're looking for? Please don't hestitate to contact us.


Can I apply at SIRE Life Sciences® without any life sciences experience?

Yes! Our intensive training program will help you to gain knowledge about the life sciences industry and obtain the sector specific recruitment skills required for the job. No previous knowledge or education about the life sciences industry is required.


Can I apply at SIRE Life Sciences without any recruitment experience?

Yes! We offer a traineeship that includes an internal and external on-the-job training program developed by recruitment experts in the field. This will make sure you are up to date and feel at home in the recruitment world.


Can I apply without any work experience?
Yes! The intensive on-the-job to training program provides starters with a bachelor or master degree without any work experience a good foundation to build their career on. You will learn the soft and hard skills to execute this job successfully. If you already have recruitment-experience, you can join our fast- track program to kick-start your career at SIRE Life Sciences®.


How can I make promotion and advance my career?

Our company is based on the meritocracy ideology, meaning that we grow based on the performance and input of our employees. We want to make sure that everybody gets the best opportunities and rewards for their input, such as an uncapped variable bonus scheme and various incentives. This is also why we invest so heavily in our training-program, as the trainees of today are the managers of tomorrow!


Do I need to build my own market or will I work with existing clients?

Both. As market leader in the life sciences industry, we developed key clients. As we are a fast growing company you will be involved in new business development opportunities while maintaining relationships with existing clients.


Do you offer international opportunities?
Our current job offers are for our HQ in Amsterdam. Since we are growing fast, we’re planning to open offices on a global scale in the near future.


Current job openings

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Trainee Recruitment Strategist©


Talent Acquisition

Recruitment Strategist©


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Sr. Recruitment Strategist©


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Key Account Strategist©


Talent Acquisition

Internship - Amsterdam


Career stories

"Working for SIRE Life Sciences® you have the chance to manage your own dynamic market in an inspirational and ambitious, result-driven team. You have the chance to fast-track your own career and promote into a leadership role. The harder you work the more you achieve."
Tim Thuijs, Managing Recruitment Strategist

"Have you got experience in the dynamic and interesting world of recruitment, and do you want to step up your game? Here at SIRE Life Sciences you are responsible for the whole scope of recruitment. You get to work in a young and ambitious environment and each day you challenge yourself to make better decisions and to become a better professional."
Joost Spape, Principal Recruitment Strategist

"SIRE Life Sciences gives you the opportunity to invest in yourself and define your own success. While working in this young and ambitious environment you will gain a lot of responsibility and develop yourself on both professional and personal level!"
Laura Hoekstra, Recruitment Strategist

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